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Venerable Law Will Take Care of Your Business Law Needs — Now and in the Future.


Business & Partnership Planning

We will help you determine a method of resolving disputes between partnership. Many partners are old friends, family members or spouses, and presume that these ties will prevent amicable resolution of disagreements but it can still be wrecked by the stresses of running a company.

Investor & Organization Strategies

We can help you deliver financial consistency and transparency through a balanced “protect and grow” strategies. A clear, direct mission and strategy can help organizations prevent any disputes.

Business Formations

Setting up overall structure and contracts for vendors or clients to protect you from liability.

Business Restructuring/ Reorganizations

Typically, businesses go through reorganization when they have financial troubles, new owners or staff, or a structural change. If your company is struggling, don’t ignore the warning signs. A successful company restructure can result in increased profits, operational efficiency, and debt paydown.


Business Sales And Purchases

There are many hidden pitfalls to any type of business sales and purchases. It is essential to get good legal and financial advice before entering in to any type of transaction.

Asset Protection Planning

You’re beginning to accumulate substantial wealth, but you worry about protecting it from future potential creditors. Whether your concern is for your personal assets or your company, various tools exist to keep your property safe from tax collectors, accident victims, creditors, and more. Talk to us, and we will help you keep your property safe from being taken by someone who wins a lawsuit against you.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Provide a legal shield around your hard-earned assets.

  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Patents

Business Continuity & Succession Planning

Continuity and succession planning are critical to achieving a long-term legacy. At Venerable, we will help you create strategic, well thought-out plan that can help provide stability as you deal with the stress of change.

Preparation/Review of Business Contracts

A contract review requires diligence and an eye for details. Managing expectations, focusing on outcomes and getting the key information can help achieve better outcomes in contract management. Consult with us before signing any contract to make sure your interests are protected.


Prepare, Review and Negotiate of Commercial Leases

Before entering into a lease, you will have an opportunity to negotiate to reach an agreement that meets your needs. It is important to understand and consider some key leasing matters before starting negotiations. Most of all, it is necessary to seek legal advice to understand your rights, liabilities and obligations.

This Is Why You Need a Lawyer

  • You didn’t realize you needed a lawyer until yesterday… and you have a lot of questions

  • You’ve done everything solo but are starting to think you should get to know a lawyer

  • You just got handed a lawsuit and need someone experienced on your team

  • You’re confused and dealing with a specific issue

  • You’re dealing with partnership trouble or hiring employees and need help ASAP